By Emily Arlidge for 612 ABC Drive

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Sometimes, it’s not until your hair falls out that the reality of cancer sets in.

Amanda is a breast cancer patient who recently started chemotherapy.

She knew before her treatment started that her beautiful dark locks would be gone before long.

“I took control and went and got it all cut off myself,” Amanda says, “it left me with the feeling that I had a lump in my throat and I just wanted to cry.”

The wig and turban loan library in Fortitude Valley is where patients like Amanda can go to find some relief from that feeling.

The service operates in the same way as a normal library – without the late fee.

Patients can borrow any of the wigs, turbans, hats and scarves on display for free for the duration of their treatment.

Alex Woodland manages the library and says it is not just about fitting wigs.

“It’s about showing the women that come here that they can be beautiful again.”

The wig library gives patients a private space to decide what they want to wear and volunteers give advice on what looks good.

Alex describes the joy of fitting someone with a new wig or turban.

“They walk out of here with a huge smile on their face.”

“It will grow back,” Amanda says, “You just have to try to look forward.”

If you would like more information on theĀ Queensland Wig and Turban Loan Library, call the Cancer Council on 13 11 20.


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