By Emily Arlidge for Toowoomba Chronicle

Link to Toowoomba Chronicle article

THE Stanthorpe Show, Queensland’s first of the year, impressed Amiens residents Mary and Brian Burnell with the size of the community effort.

“After all the rain and floods that this region’s had, you wouldn’t expect to see such impressive entries,” Mr Burnell said.

The Burnells won a prize with gladioli that would make Dame Edna Everidge proud.

A big crowd-pleaser was the woodchop and chainsaw race, won by regional champion Wayne Donovan of Crows Nest.

“You need to have a plan before you start,” Mr Donovan said.

“If you use your weight and cut it really deep, it generally works pretty well.”

Across the ring, Stanthorpe High School students also felt the pressure during the cooking competition — a new event for the Stanthorpe show.

Melissa Pascoe and Anne Richardson, who teach hospitality, tourism and business at Stanthorpe High, explained the students were given recipes only 30 minutes beforehand.

Locally sourced produce was used and students raced the clock to present the meal on time.

Budding chef, grade 11 student Phillip Wenban, was excited by the competition.

“I just love cooking and it was great to be in the show,” he said.


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