By Emily Arlidge for Toowoomba Chronicle

Link to Toowoomba Chronicle article

HEAD pharmacist at ChemCarePlus in the Hooper Centre Mary Maddon believes there is no need for concern over prescriptions or medication supplies in Toowoomba.

In collaboration with Queensland Health, the Pharmacy Guild and drug wholesalers, pharmacies in the region have put systems into place to help people who do not have access to their prescriptions or doctors.

Most of the patients at ChemcarePlus this week have been stranded by the floods without medication.

“We had a patient with no documentation at all, but were able to contact Medicare and give him what he needed,” Ms Maddon said.

Scott Street Pharmacy’s head pharmacist Sonja Venzke explained that they could accept confirmations from local doctors for regular patients over the phone and they could accept and send faxed prescriptions for those stranded here and regular patients cut off from Toowoomba.

While wholesalers are unable to deliver to Toowoomba at the moment, pharmacies usually keep a bulk supply of medication on the premises.

“In the worst case scenario, pharmacies in the region will work together to make sure that stocks will not run out,” Ms Venzke said.


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