By Emily Arlidge for Toowoomba Chronicle

Link to Toowoomba Chronicle article

FISHER Park Truck Station manager Joanne Merritt said roadworks at Cunningham’s Gap had created a “dramatic loss” to their business over the holiday period.

The section on the Cunningham Highway east of Warwick was closed in early December and then reopened before Christmas.

With floods affecting surrounding areas, business owners at Cunningham’s Gap were devastated when the road was closed again and their customers had to divert trips via Toowoomba or stay at home.

Now the road is up and running again with stop/go conditions, leaving travellers feeling hassled and reluctant to stop their journeys after the delay.

“Even now, travellers think the road is still shut and go through Toowoomba instead,” Ms Merritt says.

Ray Vincent, owner of Bestbrook Mountain Resort, says the situation had been the biggest test on his life.

“From the start of the holidays until now we have turned away at least 300 people,” he said. “Now I’m just telling them not to come.

“You’ve got to look after your customers and bringing them in with the delays and the damage of the floods — it’s not fair to them,” he said.


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